Ey-up, and a huge thank-y130115_td0522ou for taking the time to find out a little more of who I am!

I had always been obsessed with wildlife and David Attenborough’s Life on Earth series instilled a passion in young me that still burns today. When adulthood loomed I fell into a “career” that sounded great on paper but just resulted in me becoming a number in a corporate machine for around 15 years. Eventually my other half (who can be found at Vagbond Baker) and I decided to cash in our humble flat and blow the profit on a 15 month trip around the world.

This renewed my passion for both the natural world and travel and on my return I signed up for a 2 years at college in Dundee studying photography – with the goal of making a living from wildlife and travel. From 2010 we moved into a camper van and prioritized cheaper living to allow more freedom to travel. We have been living in vehicles ever since and have traveled extensively throughout the British Isles, Europe and Asia – including an adventure from Scotland to Singapore by train.

I have just landed the coveted title of Aurora Photography Guide for Lights Over Lapland based in Arctic Sweden for the winter of 2016/17 and am in the midst of preparations for our first Arctic Winter.

The portfolios are split into ‘Wildlife’ and ‘Travel’ and showcase my passion for both. I travel to see wildlife, that’s my thing, but if I see other cool stuff along the way then I document it. Most of my travel photography is shot using HDR methods as I love the extra detail that can be achieved when shooting bracketed exposures. All my wildlife and nature images are shot in the wild using a wide range of techniques. If they are captive I will admit it, and then there will be a good reason. For more on my ethics see my ‘Captive Animals‘ page.

That’s probably enough about me for now, thanks for stopping by, please feel free to contact me with any questions, requests or commissions.